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Need Analysis

Conduct a review of the business and existing training to ensure alignment with your requirements. Identify skill and training gaps and offer solutions based on your unique circumstances. Included is an expected cost benefit analysis for complete transparency.

Customized Training Solutions / Course-war

Design and develop customized training solutions. Courses, curriculum, OJT program, job aids, micro-learning and eLearning content solutions available. Live content customized for virtual or in person training.

Using the ADDIE model, provide a comprehensive program to increase employee proficiency in the prescribed program. Applies to new hire, onboarding, new skills, software, compliance and leadership training.

Software/Applications Training & Job Aids

Proprietary software applications training developed for specific customer applications. From sign-in to account closing, customized training will accelerate the proficiency of users based on over a decade of experience servicing government agencies.

Customized Training Solutions will include program and policy guidance as well as on-the-job digital job aids available at the point of need for end users. Vendor or proprietary software task applications will be thoroughly presented in micro learning segments.

DISC Behavioral Analysis

Using the John Maxwell DISC assessment and
feedback tool, an in-depth analysis of your team
can be conducted on their behavior style.
Feedback is provided so your leadership or team
can understand themselves and each other.

A workshop can be conducted to focus on
communication, teamwork, sales application
and/or business application.


Provide instructor tools and customized training solutions to develop live, OJT and/or virtual training on custom or existing content. Application
based training with evaluation and feedback provided on delivery and communication based on industry best practices.

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Improving operations through employee development is the way Aptitude Factory, LLC can add value to your business. I will offer my expertise and best recommendation on how to increase employee commitment, retention and teamwork through customized training solutions.  

Consultation is a service I provide at no charge to anyone seeking to improve their business. If that leads to developing and growing your business and employees, that is my compensation. Below are the services I can also provide and meet your budget limitations.

What's in it for you?

Training takes time. Time is money. Does it add value? Training is an investment, not just an expense. If you have a growing business and need to scale up a training program, I can help. I will analyze and assess your training needs based on your business needs. Training should solve a problem, and if it doesn't, I won't try and sell you on it.

I'll create options for developing your employees skills and offer customized training solutions that are flexible, efficient and effective. Working with your technical experts we will map a pathway for developing the skills needed to make your business successful.

If you're a vendor or agency in need of IT applications training, I have developed several courses, training aids and "digital coaches" on applications that manage projects, cases and content. This training allowed the rollout of new applications with a minimum of disruption to organizations with over 25,000 users.

Your success is my goal, so if training is not the right solution we will part ways with a handshake. If training is needed, I'll develop the best option to meet your needs based on decades of experience.

Here is an example of how I can help you.

I retired from the military in the summer of 2007. The economy was going into the Great Recession and soon foreclosures and bailouts were the word of the day. To generate cash coming in, I saw a sign offering immediate openings, no experience necessary, cable installer for a major cable TV/Phone/Internet company in the area.

I call and they have me come in on a Monday. The company was a contractor for the service provider. I would be an independent sub-contractor and bill the service provider through the contractor. They would take a commission. About eight of us new guys show up on Monday and the owners describe the business model.

They show us how to use a cable-splicing tool to put the cable connector onto the coax wire, and how to carry a ladder safely. They then divvy us up one-on-one with “experienced” workers for training. Altogether there are about 45 of employees.

We worked six days a week and most days at least 12 hours. We were paid based on the rate for the service provided: new installation services, upgrade TV system, etc. It was all billed on an invoice the employee completed after each job.

I asked the owners how long before I would be cut loose to work on a job to earn my service rate pay? Six months. Each day, one of the eight guys dropped out.

I lasted seven days. At the end of seven days, I knew how to use a cable-splicer, safely carry a ladder and how the billing system worked. I never actually saw the invoice, but I heard about it from one of the guys training me. Very few times did we leave a job site with the actual customer request filled.

Sometimes we left and they were worse off than when we arrived. One customer who wanted their TV service upgraded had no service at all when we left. It was obvious to me that most of the workers were winging it.

Day eight I met with the owners. I told them I wasn’t interested in being a cable guy and appreciated the opportunity. I then told them what I could do for them.

Develop a training program that would generate more income by having their subcontracting team employees up and functioning in weeks versus months. They’d know what they were doing on the job site, be more efficient and thereby increase the number of service calls they could fulfill in a day.

How could I do that, they asked? Simple, we’d identify every task they could bill on their invoice and identify the steps, tools and knowledge needed to perform that task. Then I’d build a curriculum that made sense building on the skills as the task became more complex. Then I’d develop a training plan, involving instruction, hands-on practice and then OJT to gain proficiency. It would be a deliberate process with measurable outcomes.

They asked why they couldn’t just do it themselves. I asked why haven’t you done it so far? They passed on the offer, and their business lasted another seven months. Training is an investment and should be a system in your business like logistics, payroll or inventory. I can help, this is my passion.

Training Consultant
Tim Bruce, MBA — Founder & CEO

About The Founder

I developed my first eLearning project in 1989, producing
content with a VHS camera for military drill training. I’ve
designed, developed, delivered and analyzed training for
a number of Air Force Specialties including Cadet training
at the US Air Force Academy. I’ve created learning content
for live, virtual and asynchronous training courses to
include technical/physical skills, leadership, management
and compliance training completed by over 500,000 users
each year.